Perennial Grain Crops: The Future Starts Now!

A presentation by Fred Iutzi, President of The Land Institute (TLI).

This free public event is for farmers, landowners, conservationists, scientists, educators, business and civic leaders, and everyone interested in learning about new crops and a vision to enhance the economic and environmental performance of agriculture.

Thursday, August 9, 2018 – 7:30 p.m.
Richland Community College
Shilling Center

Kernza intermediate wheatgrass developed by TLI plant breeders is the first perennial grain crop to begin the process of commercialization. Jack Erisman, organic farmer and AWI Board member, is one of the pioneers growing Kernza for grain and forage.

In 2016, Fred Iutzi succeeded Wes Jackson to become the second President in the 40+ year history of TLI. Previously, Fred managed agriculture, energy, and cooperative development programs for the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs Fred serves on the AWI board.

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Sponsored by the Agricultural Watershed Institute and co-sponsored by Richland Community College and the City of Decatur, Illinois.

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